Airport Car Services Can Be Less Expensive Than a Taxi


When you arrive in New York from another city all you want to do is to get from the airport to your hotel; to accomplish this there are a number of options. From major airports in the city you can arrange for a shuttle bus that traverses around city center hotels, of course taxis, maybe the subway and there is always an airport car service in NYC that can get you to where you want to go.

What are the pros and cons of these various types of transportation?

Shuttle bus: The least expensive transport is usually a shuttle bus that will take you from the airport to your hotel. In many cases hotels which are in close proximity to the airport will mount their own free shuttle service, picking their guests up at the airport and bringing them directly to the hotel. If you do not have a hotel near the airport you will usually find shuttle services that travel through the city hotel belt, stopping to discharge and pick up passengers at designated stops. These shuttle busses will get you close to your hotel but in many cases close is not good enough. If you have considerable luggage you are going to be facing with the problem of how to get to the hotel no matter how short the walk might be.

Cabs: Cabs are not cheap, they are often uncomfortable and many of the drivers are not familiar with the city nor are they familiar with the language. The cab driver might know how to get to well-known hotels but if the hotel you are booked into is not as well known or off the beaten path then the driver will often have difficulty in finding the place. One good thing about a cab though is they will eventually get you to where you want to be, while the meter works..

Rail services: Rail service is cheap but in many cases the most awkward of all transportation methods. You will be faced with a considerable journey to get to the station, buy a ticket and then wait for the next train. When you do arrive at your destination stop you are usually faced with another long trek to get where you want to be, so long in fact that in many cases you end up flagging down a cab.

Airport car service in NYC:  The drivers are all well outfitted, clean and well groomed. When you have booked your Airport Car in New York City in advance you can bet it will be there waiting for your arrival. The driver will help you load your luggage and show you to your seat in a clean, comfortable and well maintained car. When you do reach your destination whether it is a hotel or your residence your driver will help to get them to your door or into the hands of the hotel doorman.

Overall, there is no better solution for airport transportation than an airport car service in NYC.


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