Advice for Employee Moving in New Orleans


Whatever the reason your business is relocating – downsizing, expanding, being closer to a major customer or another one, your staff should be also considered. The people working at your company may not only participate in the move but should also be kept informed.

Relocation Preparation
This is why we’ve decided to prepare this article on how to take care of moving office staff during business relocation. First of all it is your job to plan what changes will occur in your employees’ daily work and professional duties to perform until the move. After that you need to prepare the relocation of each employee moving. New Orleans experts share this advice.

Moving Work Location
First of all moving an employee’s work location should begin by letting the staff in your company know when and where you will be moving and what changes will occur in their daily work (if any). This will mean changes to the daily commute to work and other changes inside the office like more persons to work in one office in order to save space, giving a raise to employees or changing the department at which they’re working.

Advanced Notice
These are all convenient changes to make inside your company while considering each employee moving from one location to another. Let the whole staff what will the consequences of the move be for everyone personally so that they can plan their move or have the opportunity to look for another job in time. Ask them if they are going to be needing a parking space, if one will be available for them and if not, offer your assistance.

Moving Office Staff
You can decrease the stress when moving and take them to the new location for a day to show them their future office and explore the area. For those employees that will be moving let them know what their participation in the move will be – packing their office, arranging the parking space or other. For those people that will be part of moving office staff if they are going to be taking some extra responsibilities because of the move.

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