Advantages of Hand Dryer Installation

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Business

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Although there are certain complexities about electric hand dryers, they are actually simple devices. When they are turned on they generate heat, they function for a period of time and they turn off. Hand dryers have advantages that paper towels simply can’t touch; they are cost efficient, they are very hygienic, they prevent vandalism and they are environmentally friendly. Although hand dryer installation has a higher initial cost than the alternative, this cost differential is very quickly amortized as there is no need to purchase and store paper towels and restroom maintenance costs are considerably less.

The different types of hand dryers:

The differences between hand dryers can be determined by the way they operate. The least expensive had dryers are push button operated, once the cycle starts it continues on a timer for a specific period of time. As the price goes up so do the features, at the high end are infrared sensor models; they begin their cycle when they sense hands are in close proximity, the stop when hands are withdrawn. Automatic hand dryer installation is rapidly gaining in popularity, they save a considerable amount of power over a year as they only run when called upon.

Factors to consider:

There are a few things that must be considered prior to hand dryer installation, the most obvious is that there must be a power supply. Owners of buildings, especially older ones, see this as a disadvantage. As had dryers are so efficient and they save a great deal of money this is really not a concern, any installation costs are recovered quickly through operational savings.

Hand dryer maintenance costs are negligible, there are no exposed components that can fail from heavy use; this is not the same with paper towel dispensers which break down frequently.

Hand dryer installation is of benefit to building owners and clients. Hand dryers never run out of paper towels and for the owners, hand dryers are efficient, effective and inexpensive to operate.

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