Advantages Of Fiber Cement Siding


Fiber cement siding is one of a number of types of construction materials that are used to cover the exterior of a home or other building. Fiber cement siding in PG County is an alternative to vinyl or wood and has a number of advantages over these other materials in terms of durability and value. This siding is manufactured from a blend of Portland cement, cellulose, sand and water which once blended is pressed into the form of a sheet or board. The material can be cut and shaped in the same fashion as any other building material.

There are a number of shapes available with fiber cement siding, it can come in long boards which once installed resemble aluminum or wood lapped siding. The boards are secured in a horizontal plane on the building, overlapping in the style of clapboard. For a completely different appearance the boards can be butted one to another. When the boards are butted they can run in either direction, horizontally or vertically to create some interesting effects. Some fiber cement siding in PG County is small shingles which take on the appearance of wood shakes. Any and all of the various shapes are available either smooth or embossed which gives them the look of real wood.

Unlike its wood counterpart, fiber cement siding will not rot or warp as time goes by regardless of the amount of water or humidity it is exposed to. Aluminum siding will not rot ether but it is susceptible to denting and chipping, fiber cement siding does neither. It is also resistant to termite infestation and is also fire resistant; high winds do not affect it nor does any harsh weather. Fiber cement siding is recognized for its long term value and durability; it has a considerably longer life span that other similar siding materials.

Once the siding has been installed it can be painted or stained to create the desired look of the house. Paint and stain adhere very well to fiber cement siding and as a result it requires little maintenance over the years. To make the job even easier there are some manufacturers of this material that offer it pre-colored, these are even better than those which are finished after installation.

Although there are a great number of advantages to fiber cement siding in PG County it is heavy and takes somewhat longer to install. The framing of the wall must be perfectly square as the siding is very stiff and rigid and the least imperfection in the frame work will show through.

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