Advantages and Disadvantages of White Marble Countertops


Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, you probably want the most beautiful, functional kitchen you can get. Choosing the right countertops is an integral part of achieving that. For those who want a jaw-dropping kitchen, white marble countertops can deliver an elegant look. They, do, though, have some drawbacks. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using white marble on your counters.

Advantage: Look

There is no question that marble is beautiful. Civilizations around the globe have used this material for centuries to deliver an elegant, rich look. Once you have decided to use stone on your counters, you can’t beat the brightness and beauty of marble.

Advantage: Cost

While some marble can be extraordinarily expensive, the type that most homeowners use is quite reasonably priced. If you are looking for a stone countertop, marble offers one of the most affordable options.

Advantage: Availability

For a wide selection at virtually any retailer, white marble countertops beat other materials like quartz and soapstone. For homeowners, that means having enough selection to find the right shade, veining, and pattern. If you go with other natural materials, you might have limited choices.

Advantage:  Utility

If you are a baker, it is hard to beat the utility of marble countertops diovan blood pressure medicine. Because it is cool, marble works perfectly for rolling dough, forming cookies, or preparing fondant.

Disadvantage:  Scratches

Marble is more susceptible to scratching than other natural stone materials. If you don’t plan to be particularly careful when cooking, you might stay away from marble.

Disadvantage:  Acid Etching

Like scratching, marble doesn’t respond well to acid. As such, exposure to acid can cause dulling to occur on your countertop. If you don’t think you use much acid, remember that lemons are acidic.

Disadvantage:  Stains

White marble is prone to staining. If you spill red wine, cranberry juice, or another dark liquid, you might discolor your countertops.

Like other natural materials, white marble countertops have both advantages and disadvantages. By understanding them, you will make an informed decision about your countertop material.

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