Adding A Skid Steer Rock Drill To Your Equipment Inventory


While many drilling companies require the big equipment and use massive excavators and even rugged wagon drills, other companies may require something on a smaller scale. For landscaping companies, residential construction or for drilling in areas where large equipment simply isn’t an option, adding a skid steer rock drill to your equipment inventory is an important consideration.

Advantages of Buying Over Renting

Many companies avoid the initial cost of the investment in purchasing a rock drill attachment for a skid steer by relying on rentals. While this may be a cost effective option if the drill is only required once or twice a year, it can quickly add up to significant amounts of money if it is required on a more regular basis.

Additionally, there is always the risk with rental equipment of having to deal with availability issues that may end up delaying your project. Not only does this create problems for your company, but it also results in problems with the customer as well.

By having a skid steer rock drill on hand, there is never an issue with rental equipment availability. Additionally, as your crew will operate and maintain the drill, breakdowns and old or poorly maintained equipment will never be a concern.


By choosing a quality skid steer rock drill, the company will have the power, drilling capacity and the versatility required for any project. These systems are designed to drill from the right or the left, making maneuvering into tight spots very simple for the operator.

With the option for a reversible feed, it will be possible to drill in the vertical as well as horizontal positions, allowing you to take on projects that may be more complex than possible without this added feature. Ease of operation through joystick styles of controls also makes these attachments easy to control and use, even for relatively inexperienced operators.

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