Accordion Doors – Functional and Fire Safe

Accordion Doors – Functional and Fire Safe

When it comes to designing a building’s interior, it comes down to practicality and style. You want a design that is affordable, purposeful and safe and that either sets the mood or doesn’t take away from it. This is why accordion style doors are becoming more and more common in commercial style buildings, they’re practical and affordable but also inconspicuous.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing accordion doors. Minnesota residents should consider a few important factors before making a decision.

Why They’re Popular

Accordion style doors are popular partly for their versatility. They are able to accommodate an opening of just about any length and width. They act as very effective barriers from hazards because of their low headroom, blocking out most smoke and gas. Additionally, many of them work come with an automatic closing system, saving companies the hassle of having to manually close and shut them.

Their designs are often very simple and easy to maintain. They mostly operate on a basic two-track system with a pin and roller suspending every panel, and are generally made from very light material. This makes repairs very easy to perform, often well within the skill range of an in-house maintenance staff.

Sound proof and safe

Many accordion style doors are also popular for their sound proofing capabilities. Some brands of accordion doors have sound ratings of 48 STC. Furthermore, surface colors and finishes are permanently bonded, resulting in dent and scratch resistance.

Also, accordion style fire doors frequently have a built in egress door. This is an important safety measure in the case of a fire. If a person comes to the door while it is closed (which it does automatically during a fire), they are able to press a clearly marketed button on the doors exterior which slides the door open, leaving enough space for the person to pass through.

Accordion doors are a great option for commercial spaces. They offer fire code compliance and are practical way to make any building safer. Furthermore, their inconspicuous, unobtrusive design allows for more space without having a negative aesthetic impact. Installation is often easy and cheap.

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