A New Evolution In Misting Systems

by | Jan 1, 1970 | Home Improvement

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If you live in the southern part of the United States or in any country or area where the summer heat can be a challenge to enjoying time outside, misting systems are not a new concept. These systems are also becoming more common across the northern areas of the country were summer heat can still be an issue, even if it is for shorter season.

However, new designs and new technology in misting systems have created an improved product over what was available even a few years ago. More efficient pumps and higher pressure on the water flowing through the lines allows even smaller droplets to be produced, giving a much finer mist and an enhanced evaporation rate. This “flash evaporation” is essential in dropping the ambient temperature and limiting the actual moisture collecting on surfaces.

It is hard to imagine how dramatically having a mist system can make a difference, but it is not uncommon for correctly designed and installed misting systems to drop the air temperature on a patio or any outdoor space by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In well-designed systems this won’t add to the humidity, providing a temperature change without that damp feeling common with the older styles of systems.

Areas of Use

While misting systems are perhaps best known for outdoor seating areas in restaurant patios and outdoor seating areas, homes and other types of venues, they can also be used in larger areas as well.

In addition to restaurants and patios, misting systems can be found in a wide range of private and public areas. Common options for installation misting systems including in pools and theme parks, botanical gardens, around fountains and man-made or natural waterfalls, at hotels and resorts as well as in sporting facilities.

It is not uncommon to see the new styles of misting systems in use on golf courses as well as tennis courts, both for the competitors as well as for spectators in the stands and on the grounds.

As misting systems for all types of use continue to evolve with the technology, the systems become more effective and efficient. New systems are effective and can be combined with fans to keep air circulating to cool small or large spaces. They are perfect for a natural, cool atmosphere without the cold blasts of air found with using commercial air conditioning units.

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