A Moving Company in New Haven County Makes Life Easier When Timing Is Inconvenient

A Moving Company in New Haven County Makes Life Easier When Timing Is Inconvenient

A Moving Company in New Haven County makes the process easier, which is a relief during a time that can be extremely busy and stressful. Sometimes, things aren’t working out as conveniently as a person would hope. For instance, consider what happens when an apartment dweller’s lease ends on the 31st but the new place is not available until the 1st. What now?

Overnight Storage in the Truck

It may be easy enough for the people to stay overnight with friends or family or in a hotel, but what about all their belongings? The first question to ask a Moving Company in New Haven County in this situation is what it would cost to have everything put on the truck on the 31st but not have the truck unloaded until the 1st. This is how movers tackle a longer-distance job involving a house full of belongings. They can’t load everything, drive for several hours, and then unload all in one day.

A Storage Facility

In some instances, the required delay between moving out and moving in is even longer. A family may be having a new house built but may have the chance to sell their current one at a great price right now. They’ll probably need to rent a temporary abode.

Hiring a company like Anthony Augliera Moving Storage & Theatrical Transfer is advantageous in this situation. The workers can transport some belongings to the company’s storage facility and bring the items the family needs immediately to their short-term home. If the family will be residing in an extended-stay hotel for a while, they may be able to bring their clothing and other necessities in their own vehicles. Once the new permanent residence is ready, the movers can transport everything out of storage.

Climate Control

Even if all this is going on in the heat of summer or during January’s bitterly cold temperatures, the customers can feel reassured about both the storage facility and the moving process. This particular company’s storage units are climate-controlled, making sure nothing is adversely affected by heat, humidity, or freezing temperatures. The movers do all the lifting and carrying, allowing the family to concentrate on putting their unloaded items in place. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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