A Few Tips That Can Help You Buy The Best Used Car


Buying a low mileage, late model used Chevy in Chicago can save you a considerable amount of money compared to purchasing a new vehicle. Of course there are risks associated with buying used cars regardless of their age, but there are a few things that can perhaps help guide you to making the best decision. Let’s have a look at a few:

A one year old car is considerably less expensive than a new car:

On average, a car that was originally purchased for $35,000 will be worth $25,000 maximum at the end of the first year. The car will continue on a steep depreciation curve for the next couple of years. If you opt for a one year old car the purchase price will be drastically reduced and you will have the remainder of the new car warranty as well.

The least expensive cars to run:

The cost of a used car is based on more than just the age, there are numerous other issues that affect the cost of operating it once it’s yours.

   *   Smaller capacity engines are cheaper to run that those with more cubic inches. The choice of engine size depends a great deal on how you plan on using the car, if it is a second car and all it will do is go back and forth to school or the mall a small engine is ideal. If the car is intended to run at high speed a larger capacity engine is far better and will last much longer.

   *   Smaller cars are less expensive to insure: If you are looking to save money then a small Chevy in Chicago will be cheaper to insure. A Chevy Sonic is far less expensive to insure than a Corvette, Americas favorite sports car.

Make sure you do your homework first, buy no more car than you need and try and buy it at the best possible time. Stay connected to website if you are looking for certified pre-owned cars.

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