A Family Law Firm in Henderson, NV: Estate Planning Assistance


People without a great deal of experience in the legal arena may not understand what family law is. Family law is a fairly generic term and it can mean anything from adoption services, divorce services or, in some cases, helping an individual develop a will or a trust for the purposes of disseminating assets to family members after they have passed away.

Creating a Will

Having a will is important for anyone, even if a person has a minimal number of assets. A will can also encompass who takes care of any children left behind as well as the distributing of physical or liquid assets.


A will may need to be updated from time to time, especially if a person moves from one state to another. It may also need to be updated to reflect a person’s current family situation. If an individual gets divorced, the wishes stated in an old will may need to change to reflect their current marital status.

Establishing a Trust

Another thing a family law firm in Henderson, NV can do is help with the establishment of a trust. In most cases, a person will only need to establish a trust if they have an estate valued in the millions of dollars. Many times, these trusts are established to help the estate avoid going into probate and avoid the inheritance tax.

One of the reasons a family law firm in Henderson, NV is so essential to establishing a trust is that doing this is an extremely complicated legal maneuver. Everything has to be done correctly, like assets being distributed to a trust from an individual or couple in a very specific way. These things need to adhere to existing Nevada state law. In addition, the ongoing management of the trust is complicated and needs to be overseen by an attorney.

Whether a person is developing a will for their minimal assets or wants to establish and maintain a trust to protect their money and assets after they have passed away, a law firm like website is essential. Whether it’s divorce, adoption, or estate planning, this law firm can help.

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