6 Ways to Keep Your Fertilizer Spreader in Tip-Top Condition

6 Ways to Keep Your Fertilizer Spreader in Tip-Top Condition

Maintenance ensures a longer service life for your fertilizer spreader. If you own one, here are top tips to help you develop excellent maintenance practices.

Store it right
Don’t leave your pull-type fertilizer spreader anyway. Make sure to put it in a place where it won’t get in the way of people and where it won’t be exposed to outdoor elements. Most importantly, make sure you put your seeder indoors.

Check before you store
Is the spreader empty? Make sure that’s the case before you put it in storage. On larger models, it’s a prudent move to lower the rollers onto a hard flat surface, Do It Yourself says. Remember to do these before you store your machine.

Lubricate the machine
Keep your fertilizer spreader working in tip-top shape by oiling all the moving parts. These will include the chains, sprockets, and grease fittings, to name a few. Don’t skip this step. Otherwise, you could find parts of your spreader breaking down on you much too soon.

Clean it
Like any other machine, you’ll need to empty the spreader at the end of the day. Watch out for bits of fertilizer that may get stuck in the machine. Brushing them out will do the trick. If you’re dealing with a large spreader, then you’ll want to clean off the grease or dirt before you put it in storage for a few days. That’s going to help your spreader last longer.

Check the chains
Larger models often have chains. Check them for wear and damage constantly. Oil them when you need to, tighten them, and if you find signs of wear, replace them. That’s going to ensure better operational efficiency for your pull-type fertilizer spreader.

Buy quality parts
Shop for quality replacement parts when it’s time to replace worn out and damage parts. That’s going to get your unit up and running in no time.

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