5 Ways to Prolong the Need for Septic Pump Maintenance in Doylestown, PA


Putting something out of one’s sight doesn’t mean it’s out of mind, and this is especially true of septic systems. Just because the homeowner can’t see it, doesn’t mean they should forget about it. Without the right maintenance, one’s septic system will eventually fail-;and those failures rarely happen at convenient times. If a homeowner avoids these common errors, their septic system should have an efficient, long life.

Flushing the Wrong Things

Toilets, piping, and septic systems are made to handle two things: waste and toilet paper. Homeowners shouldn’t flush feminine products, baby wipes, or disposable diapers. Even items sold as “flushable” may not break down correctly in the septic system, and they can cause damaging clogs that may require Septic Pump Maintenance in Doylestown PA.

Washing Grease Down the Drain

Homeowners shouldn’t pour grease down any of the drains in the home. Grease can congeal quickly, and over time, it clogs pipes, collects in the tank, and blocks drainfield lines. The only safe way to dispose of grease is in the garbage can.

Abusing the Garbage Disposal

For the safety and continued efficient operation of the septic system, homeowners should act as if the home doesn’t have a garbage disposal. It’s all too easy to put things down the disposal that shouldn’t be there, such as food scraps, bone pieces, and grease. Such items don’t biodegrade in the septic tank. They build up over time and can eventually cause blocking of pipes and lines in the drainfield.

Poor Maintenance

Homeowners should not wait until there’s a problem to have Septic Pump Maintenance in Doylestown PA. Just as a car requires regular service to run efficiently, the home’s septic system needs frequent upkeep as well. Septic tanks should be pumped every five to seven years depending on water usage and household size.

Doing Too Much Laundry

Washing machines are one of modern life’s conveniences, but they put a significant amount of water into the septic system. It’s a good idea to wash only full loads and to spread laundry over multiple days as washing numerous loads in a single day can strain the system.

Septic systems are usually taken for granted until there’s a problem, but there are ways to prevent these issues. Homeowners can contact us to ensure the lifespan and efficiency of the system are not threatened.

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