5 Reasons to Take a Cat in for Emergency Pet Service in Gaithersburg MD


Cats can’t tell owners when they are sick, and many will try to hide their symptoms. By the time a pet owner notices a problem, the cat may be very far along in an illness. Below are some signs that may lead a cat owner to make a trip to the veterinarian’s office for emergency pet service in Gaithersburg MD.

Breathing Troubles

If the cat is breathing heavily, panting with an open mouth, or wheezing, it’s time to go to the vet. This could indicate a disease that has gotten worse, such as a blood clot in the lungs or a heart problem. Take the cat to the vet as soon as possible before the problem gets worse.


If a cat is pulling its hind legs, walking unsteadily, or is unable to stand on its hind legs, there may be a blood clot in an artery in the area. ATE, or aortic thromboembolism, occurs in felines with heart disease. Clots disrupt the flow of blood to the rear legs until they are immobilized. Get the cat to a veterinarian immediately to dissolve the blood clot and restore mobility.

Diarrhea and Vomiting

The occasional hairball is normal, but severe diarrhea and prolonged vomiting are not. Such symptoms can indicate ingestion of a toxic substance, and a cat can quickly become dehydrated without help. Blood in the stool or vomit is very serious, as it may show a foreign object in the gastrointestinal system.


If the owner knows the cat has ingested something toxic, they should call the animal hospital before heading out. A vet may be able to provide instructions on inducing vomiting, but this treatment is inappropriate in some cases. Give the vet as many details as possible about the ingested substance so they can make the right recommendations.


These can show as uncontrolled twitching, unsteadiness, falling, or not being able to move. A seizure typically only lasts a few moments, but they sometimes happen in succession. Poisons such as pesticides can cause seizures in cats, and the owner should take the animal to a vet at the first indication of a seizure.

Cats can’t tell owners what’s wrong, and it’s up to the pet owner to figure it out. If a cat exhibits any of the above symptoms or is behaving strangely, Contact The Groomery right away for emergency pet service in Gaithersburg MD.

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