5 Reasons to Hire SSI Attorneys in Jefferson County, MO


When a person finds themselves unable to hold a job because of a disability, they may not know what to expect from a disability attorney. It’s natural to feel uncertain during the SSI application process, but having a lawyer can help. Below are several reasons why it’s important to hire SSI attorneys in Jefferson County, MO.

Initial Claim Preparation

An attorney can initiate the claims process after ensuring the application contains the info necessary to maximize the claim’s value and minimize wait time. The lawyer should know which documents the SSA needs to prevent communication issues and unnecessary delays.

Filing Appeals

Those who have talked to others receiving benefits may hear about the importance of the appeals process. Most applications are initially denied, which makes appeals an important part of the attorney’s job. Some cases involve multiple appeals, and all are done under strict deadlines. The lawyer should be aware of these and take steps to ensure timely filings.

Evidence Management

The lawyer a client chooses should ensure that the SSA has the evidence needed to determine benefits. Attorneys can get the correct medical records and communicate with doctors about additional documentation. In some cases, witness testimony may be beneficial as well. SSI attorneys in Jefferson County, MO know which evidence can help a case, and they will develop a strategy for getting that evidence to the right people.

Representation at SSA Hearings

The attorney provides courtroom representation when cases go in front of judges. Before the client sees the judge, the lawyer should prepare them for the hearing and get the right information to help the client offer persuasive testimony. Attorneys can make opening and closing statements, and they can cross-examine witnesses and vocational professionals.

Brief Writing and Legal Analysis

As disability claims progress, they become more complex in most cases. Some appeals go all the way to the federal level, where case presentation requires the writing of legal briefs. These are effectively prepared by attorneys with an understanding of case law as it pertains to Social Security. Click here to find out how a local attorney can use their knowledge to win cases at local and federal levels.

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