5 Must-Know Tips for Booking a Table or Dining Space at a Bar and Restaurant

5 Must-Know Tips for Booking a Table or Dining Space at a Bar and Restaurant

Reserving a table at a bar and restaurant in NYC is easy. Here are top tips to help you book the right venue for that Friday dinner or Saturday brunch with family, friends or both.

Have the details ready

This will include the number of people in your party to the time you want to book. Make yourself available too just in case the restaurant calls you back about minor problems or issues that could affect your booking.

Call for changes

If there’s been a change of plans—if you want the restaurant to serve only gluten-free meals or vegan gluten-free dishes or prepare grilled dishes off the menu—then you’ll need to call ahead about that. Give the restaurant more than enough time to prepare your meals. That way, you can expect amazing results.

Get there on time

One of the cardinal rules to booking a table or dining space at a bar and restaurant in NYC is to always show up at the restaurant on time. That’s especially true if you’re a big group. If the people come in late, that could push back other bookings for the day and even lead to extra charges. If you want to stay on budget, then impress on your guests the importance of getting to the venue—and starting the party—on time.

Make sure the location is accessible

Whova offers a great piece of advice: go to an accessible venue. Make sure the venue you pick is accessible to everyone on your guest list. The last thing you want is to

Don’t rush

Don’t rush to get off the phone. Set enough time to make the reservation and clear up a few things. If you hang up before all the details are settled, that’s going to leave the restaurant at a loss. Avoid these problems simply by staying on the line until you’ve got all the details sorted out.

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