5 Expert-Approved Tips So Customers Won’t Miss Your Booth


Attending a trade show can help boost ROI for your company. But first, you’ll need to attract prospects to your booth. Here’s how to make sure potential customers won’t miss it:

Pick a prime location

That’s going to be tough. If they sell out fast, you might want to book those places way in advance, says the Business 2 Community. If you have plans to attend a couple of tradeshows for the long term, then try negotiating for key slots in ahead of time.

Go for the right look

It’s not enough for your booth to stand out, though. Make sure it’s doing so for all the right reasons. Pay for the services of a reputable supplier for tradeshow exhibits. Working with pros will ensure you get the right look for your booth.

Clear messaging matters

Mistakes in some badly-designed booths are obvious: the team focused too much on making the booth stand out that they lost sight of their messaging. Make sure you don’t fall for the same pitfall. Be clear with your messaging. Check it from every angle to confirm whether it’s clear and easy to understand. If people can’t understand it, then they could easily skip your booth.

Choose your staff with care

Excellent tradeshow exhibits make a difference. They get potential clients to your booth. What can help tip the odds in your favor and get them to try out your products/services is a friendly and approachable staff. Choose your booth staff carefully. Look for the best sales people on your team. They should have excellent skills in engaging potential clients, whether with questions, freebies, pamphlets and more. Also, make sure your booth is manned at all times.

Share valuable information

Make it easier for clients to know what your business is about. Provide them with lists of your products or services. That’s going to help increase engagement levels.

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