4 Ways to Reduce the Need for Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison, MI

4 Ways to Reduce the Need for Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison, MI

A vehicle’s automatic transmission is one of its most important parts. However, it seems that many people overlook proper transmission care. If one doesn’t know what a car’s transmission needs to last longer and run efficiently, a local repair shop can help. Below are four tips to help extend the life of an automatic transmission.

Don’t Add too Much Fluid

Many transmission issues occur because of insufficient fluid levels, but adding too much fluid can cause problems as well. Excess fluid can, in fact, cause the main seal in a transmission to malfunction, causing a severe leak and eventual transmission failure. If one isn’t sure how to fill or check the transmission fluid, they should refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual, or they should bring the car in for Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison MI.

Check the Fluid Level Regularly

It’s important to ensure that there’s enough fluid in the transmission and that the fluid doesn’t have a burnt smell or is dirty. Checking the fluid in an automatic transmission is as simple as removing a dipstick with the car running, but checking the fluid in a manual transmission vehicle is more involved.

Get a Fluid Flush

According to ATRA (the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association), overheating causes roughly 90% of all auto transmission failures. In many cases, a transmission overheats because of worn-out fluid that is long overdue for replacement. The transmission’s filter and fluid should be changed about every 30,000 miles or as listed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Have Periodic Checkups

Vehicle owners should ensure that the repair shop periodically checks the transmission for signs of leaks, worn parts, and other issues. A problem that is diagnosed early may be repairable, and early Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison MI is typically less costly than transmission replacement.

The four tips listed here are a good start to prolonging the life of a vehicle’s automatic transmission. Some may find it odd that a repair shop would want to help drivers reduce the incidence of transmission failure, but Bob’s Transmission has customers’ interests in mind. Keep checking back for additional auto care tips, or visit bobstransmissionswmi.com today to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable repair expert.

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