4 Ways to Cut Your Commercial Cooling Costs

4 Ways to Cut Your Commercial Cooling Costs

Keeping a large facility cool in summer is essential for many kinds of businesses. However, cooling costs can be a major part of your operating expenses, and if you can cut these costs, you will raise your profits. Here are four helpful tips from your Carrier AC compressor specialists, to help you lower your electric bill in the hot weather.

* Keep It Clean

It doesn’t take a great deal of work to make sure the filters are changed on a regular basis. Dirty filters can make your system work much harder than it has to. It also costs you money on utilities. This strategy alone can save you as much as ten percent each month.

A clean unit lasts longer than a dirty one. Here is an example. A Carrier AC compressor is designed to work without getting too hot. However, when it works overtime, heat can build up and this can shorten the life of your compressor. In fact, it can take years off the life expectancy.

* Change the Thermostats

If you are still using standard thermostats, you might want to think about upgrades. It does not cost too much to install programmable thermostats and this can save you a great deal on energy costs. For example, there is no need to keep the place cool when a business is closed. A digital programmable thermostat can easily be set to keep an area 80 degrees or more during non-business hours. An hour before opening, the temperature can automatically be raised to a more comfortable 78 degrees or lower.

* Invest in Preventative Maintenance

When you keep your equipment in good shape, it will perform much better and you will enjoy maximum efficiency. Contact a reputable local HVAC professional to visit your establishment on a regular basis. He will inspect everything and make sure there are no problems. If your ductwork needs sealing or cleaning, this can help you save even more on your energy bills. Regular maintenance is a good strategy for preventing breakdowns which can cost you business.

* Don’t Wait Too Long For Upgrades or Replacements

It might seem like a good idea to keep an old unit in operation for as long as possible, but it could be costing you money. If your technician tells you it’s time for a new Carrier AC compressor or an entire new system, it might not take long to recoup your investment dollars. In addition, you will be providing a more comfortable environment for your staff and customers.

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