4 Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Roof


When a residential roofer in Fairfax VA installs a new asphalt shingle roof, you’ll have few (if any) roofing problems for many years. However, you should check your roofing occasionally, and some simple maintenance can extend the life of your shingles significantly. Here are four tips on roofing care to ensure you have a safe experience and eliminate some of the common trouble spots.

1. Ladder Placement

You’ll probably need an extension ladder to get up on your roof. When you set the ladder against the side of your house, try to avoid setting it directly on the guttering. Instead, place it underneath the gutters. This is especially important if you have aluminum gutters as they may bend or distort under the pressure of a ladder, and have a helper hold the ladder for you.

2. Prevent Traction Problems

Make sure you to wear sturdy shoes with slip-resistant soles. Roofs are slippery when there is the smallest amount of condensation present. That’s why your residential roofer in Fairfax VA always wears shoes or boots that offer the most traction.

3. Check Gutters before Cleaning

You could have obstructions in your guttering and not know it. This can make them almost impossible to clean. When possible, get up on a ladder and look inside the gutters. Of course, if you ask your residential roofer in Fairfax VA to install gutter screens you won’t have to be concerned with this issue.

4. Seal Your Vents and Vent Pipes

Anywhere you have something sticking through the shingles; it needs to be sealed. Roofing sealer around vent pipes will crack after exposure to sun, wind, rain, and snow. It’s easy to apply fresh roofing tar or sealer to these vents, and this can prevent and even stop many roof leaks. If you are working in wet weather, buy sealing products designed for wet roof applications.

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