4 Tips for Switching Car Insurance in South Austin TX

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Insurance

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Inertia is a powerful force, and many car insurance customers suffer from it. Although there are many reasons to shop around, periodic coverage and price reviews are simply good business sense. Insurance, like most other things in life, changes over time, and a person’s coverage needs may change as well.

Below are a few things to know when changing Car Insurance South in Austin TX.

The Best Time to Make the Change

Although life changes cause people to think of insurance at certain times, paying a renewal fee is an effective trigger for comparison chopping. With all the necessary information, a customer can make an accurate comparison and get a great deal. Depending on the location, the renewal notice may arrive up to a month before the new policy starts. That’s plenty of time to shop and buy new coverage.

Insure Before Canceling the Old Policy

It’s important to avoid canceling the old policy before the new one is in place because it’s illegal to be without insurance for even one day. Beyond the risk of an accident while uninsured, a person can expose themselves to severe legal penalties. Always coordinate the start of a new policy with the end of the old one.

Policies Can be Replaced at Any Time

While renewal time is a great time to change carriers, drivers can make the switch at any time. Changes in circumstances can bring lower premiums in some cases. Even if a person pays the yearly premium in a lump sum, they won’t lose any money if they switch before the policy expires. The carrier will offer a prorated refund in these cases.

Consider All the Costs

While big discounts can be tempting, there’s more to consider than the monthly premium. The lowest price isn’t always the best bargain. Changing Car Insurance South in Austin TX could mean losing loyalty discounts, accident forgiveness, and other benefits based on the relationship with the current carrier. Some carriers have cancellation penalties, and in these cases, it’s better to wait until the renewal notice comes to make the change.

It’s every driver’s right to change car insurance whenever they want, but it’s important to do it the right way. By considering these facts, drivers can save time, money, and hassle. Call Patrick Court at State Farm to discuss coverage needs. Browse site for more information on car insurance.

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