4 Tips for Buying Home Owners Insurance in Austin TX

4 Tips for Buying Home Owners Insurance in Austin TX

Whether a person is a first-time homeowner or they have been through the process before, there are many things to do ensure that the new house feels like home. Of all those steps, Home Owners Insurance in Austin TX is one of the most important, but it can be easy to forget when dealing with lenders, real estate agents and the process of relocating. To help homeowners buy the right coverage, below are five tips to consider before consulting an agent.

Buy Enough Coverage

It is easy for customers to be over or under covered for their homes and their belongings. It doesn’t make sense to pay extra for unnecessary coverage, but being underinsured can be just as risky. If a house is destroyed the owner only receives the amount stated on the policy, regardless of how much the house is worth. Considering the home’s value when determining an appropriate coverage amount can help customers save during the rebuilding process.

Get the Right Kind of Coverage

Different types of homeowners’ policies are available for different situations. Essentially, coverage varies depending on covered perils. To put it in simple terms, a basic policy will only protect the holder against common causes, while broad coverage extends protection and special coverage is for everything except what’s specifically excluded. There’s a policy for every homeowner, even those who live in condos.

Assess Personal Assets

When shopping for a policy, the homeowner should consider how much it would cost to replace everything they own. Unless the buyer adds an endorsement to the policy, the replacement will cover actual value, which is computed by deducting depreciation from current replacement cost. When a person buys a homeowners’ policy, they automatically get half the coverage limit to buy replacement items. However, the limit can be raised or lowered depending on policy type.

Consider Endorsements

There are many add-ons for Home Owners Insurance in Austin TX, such as personal property replacement. With this coverage, a person can get the full replacement value of their belongings, but certain items are not covered unless specifically listed. Other additions include home daycare coverage, earthquake coverage, and water damage. Discuss these add-ons with Patrick Court at State Farm, and remember that options vary between companies.


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