4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Squirrel Removal in Dublin OH


Their playful noises and bushy tails might be cute, but squirrels are also pests. Calling a wildlife control expert for squirrel removal in Dublin OH might save your home’s siding from their destructive teeth and your attic from becoming a nest. If you aren’t sure whether you have a squirrel infestation, these four tell-tale signs should send up red flags.

1. Landscaping Damage

You might have a squirrel problem in your yard if you notice bark missing from trees or holes appearing in the lawn. Squirrels spend most of the late summer and fall scavenging for nuts and other treasures. They bury them in your yard for safekeeping.

Squirrels also chase one another up and down trees. They sometimes scrape or chew at bark, as well, which is why landscaping damage is a common casualty of a squirrel infestation.

2. Holes in the Home

Look around the exterior of your house for points of entry. Squirrels often “burrow” their way into a house by chewing holes in siding. You’ll see a hole with ragged edges, and sometimes you’ll notice greasy marks around the hole. Look for those near the base of your home as well as around the attic.

The eaves of a home are also a popular place for squirrels to hide out. They might build nests under or around the eaves and chew on siding or wires in the process.

3. Droppings in the Attic or Garage

Squirrels don’t typically populate the living area of a home because they avoid human contact. They most often set up housekeeping in attics and garages where they are less likely to encounter human occupants.

Identify squirrel droppings by the shape and size:

  Quarter- to half-inch long droppings
*   Grey or pale brown in color
  Oval-shaped rather than round

4. Insulation Damage Squirrels who invade human homes often chew into walls, then extract insulation for their nests. This is an important sign to identify because it indicates your problem is about to multiply–by the number of squirrels in the mother’s litter.

If you think your home is infested with squirrels, contact a professionals in squirrel removal. He or she will know the appropriate method of removal for the type of squirrel as well as the form of infestation.

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