4 Qualities That Make a Good Fit for Christian Leaders


Everyone has a calling, and if yours is in the church, then you should heed it. However, there are particular strengths that match up to certain roles better than others.

If you think you have what it takes to inspire and advice others, you’re probably a great candidate for our Christian leadership training programs. Learn more to find out if our course of study is right for you.

1. Commitment to the SCU Articles of Faith

Regardless of denomination or background, we operate by 14 core beliefs and principles called the Articles of Faith that we consider a fundamental guide to how we educate. This includes a strong dedication to verbal guidance from the Bible, the Holy Trinity, the second coming of Jesus, the opportunity for forgiveness through the Holy Spirit or eternal punishment for the wicked.

2. What You Can Expect as a Student

SCU offers courses in our Christian Leadership program that includes such areas as Bible Teaching Methods, Legal Issues, 21st Century Leadership, Dying and Grieving, and Theology. While some students choose to go the route of pastoral services without graduate work, such as a Hospital Chaplain, Church Administration, or Education Coordinator, others choose to pursue further graduate studies. These roles also require licensure, depending on denomination and locale.

3. What the Scripture Says

Chris Patton of narrows down two core principles of Christian leadership based on Greatest Commandment in Matthew 22:37-40, in which Jesus instructed his disciples to love God in all ways, with the second most important being to love your neighbor as you love yourself. The Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20 is a call to baptize nations and pass the teachings of Jesus.

4. Being Open to Different Roles to Meet Your Calling

Christian Today points out that if you pursue your calling to join the ministry, being a pastor can mean a variety of things, including providing services teaching, counseling, or preaching. As long as you’re committed to serving God in whatever capacity is laid forth for you and available, then you’re a good candidate to pursue this path.

The bottom line is that the best quality that will make a good fit for leadership within the Christian ministry is passion. This is the case for any field, but when you’re dealing with spiritual life and faith, being personally invested and committed to the teachings of Christ is more important than anything else. Alongside that raw enthusiasm, SCU is the perfect place to help hone your talents.

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