4 Inexpensive Changes that Will Slash your Heating Forest Park Bills

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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According to the Department of Energy (DOE), the costs associated with electricity and fuel oil are rapidly rising every year. It is quite tempting for homeowners to look for ways of shaving off large parts of the heating bill; however, there are numerous methods of improving your home’s energy efficiency. Visit website for more information.

Most of the methods are inexpensive, simple steps that will result in almost immediate savings due to reduced energy usage. Below is a discussion of the 4 most inexpensive and simple changes you can make in your home.

Adjusting Your Thermostat

One way of reducing fuel use in your home is by turning down your thermostat. Picture the thermostat as a crucial valve between the fuel supplier and your wallet. Whenever you turn it down a degree, you incur about 3% less heating energy costs. Therefore, turning it down to 10 degrees overnight or while you are at work, will result in a 10% cut off your next heating bill.

Repair Old, Drafty Windows

Windows that have been through a dozen wintry seasons are, most times, huge energy suckers. If ready to invest in newer model windows, always choose energy-efficient ones. However, before going to the store and purchasing new windows, you should be aware of inexpensive repairs that will help improve the energy performance of your old windows, these include:

* Installation of weather-stripping and sash locks

* Sealing gaps with caulk, non-expanding foam or backer rod

* Covering windows with plastic window film or insulating the window inserts

Increase Efficiency of your Heating Systems

The typical Heating Forest Park& unit lasts about 20 years, and some can last even longer. If the unit you have is 15 years and older, you should consider replacing it. Otherwise, consider the following for newer units:

* Doing simple maintenance tasks yourself regularly like cleaning of the grills and air filters

* Hire a professional maintenance crew to ensure that the system is adjusted, tuned and cleaned annually

* Have forced-air system ducts repaired

* Have a professional do an equipment improvement for your boilers

Air Sealing and Insulation

In the event of air leakages, several low-cost air sealing improvements can be made. Some of the most popular energy saving improvements include applying caulk on gaps that are less than half an inch.

Working with the experts at Hammond Services Forest Park, you will realize an almost immediate plummeting of your heating Forest Park bills.

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