4 Helpful Moving Preparation Tips

4 Helpful Moving Preparation Tips

The act of moving and relocating does not really take that long. However, it’s the preparation which can be time consuming and extremely stressful. Even if you plan to hire a professional moving company in Knoxville, you’ll still have a lot of things to tend to during your move. In fact, there will be so much to take care of that you could forget some important things. Here are four tips to give you a smoother transition to your new home and neighborhood.

1. Light Packing

It’s better to use more boxes and keep them light. Yes, they will take up more space, but lighter boxes are easier to handle. Plus, they are less likely to shift around during transit and this helps to keep damages to a minimum. This is a huge consideration if you are not using a professional moving company in Knoxville.

2. Fragile Packing

Be careful with fragile items like antiques, lamps and collectibles. This also includes important things like family photographs. It’s better to take these things in your car and keep them separate from the rest. If you are not relocating too far away, you can easily make several trips to protect most of your fragile belongings.

3. Refrigerators and Freezers

When you move freezers or refrigerators, avoid setting them on their sides. This can cause irreversible damage to compressors. If you must lie these appliances down, do not start them up for at least 24 hours after moving.

4. Consider Professional Help

You’ll make it so much easier on yourselves if you let a professional moving company in Knoxville take care of the hard work. Your movers have years of experience with relocating families and they can be very helpful. This will give you more time for planning and taking care of all the other things you need to do.

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