3 Key Factors When Choosing A Hangar Floor Coating


Airplane hangars are a particularly challenging environment for any type of floor coating. Not only is the weight of the planes a problem for the coating, but there are also issues with highly corrosive fluid spills and the constant movement of tool boxes and equipment across the floor.

When choosing a manufacturer and a hangar floor coating, there are several things to consider. By choosing a manufacturer with expertise, experience and a proven product in these types of applications, you can find a coating that is going to provide a long-life cycle and retain a great looking appearance.

Surface Appearance

When choosing a hangar floor coating, getting the right look for the finished flooring will be important. Most hangars will choose a lighter floor coloring that helps to create a bright environment for mechanics working on the planes. However, this brighter flooring color can also be combined with striped or colored chips to provide an aesthetically pleasing look.

Application and Drying Time

Most airports and aviation manufacturers can’t afford to have a hanger out of commission for days at a time. Always check to make sure the coating can be applied and will be ready for use in the shortest possible period. There are products on the market that are specialized for hangars that can be easily completed in a day or two, limiting any inconvenience.

Resistance to Spills

In the aerospace and avionics industries, corrosive cleaning products, liquids and even fuel can be a problem for many types of industrial flooring options. Companies that manufacturer specialized a hangar floor coating have developed formulas that are inert, which means they don’t react to chemical spills and therefore don’t stain or become damaged by exposure.

Take the time to compare different options in industrial epoxy coatings before making a choice. In addition to choosing the coating, check into the manufacturer as well and select a company with a solid history of quality products.

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