3 General Ways to Apply a Ceramic Coating to Metal


There is no question today’s industrial and technological demands require the latest innovations. Even nowadays, metal is still one of the best possible conductors. It does, though, sometimes need some help from other materials to enhance its properties. Because it typically doesn’t conduct electricity and holds up to extreme temperatures, ceramic is often paired with metal to improve a component. If you are in one of the many industries that uses ceramic-coated metal components, you may have to explain the process of applying ceramic coating on metal components. Generally, here are the three conventional ways to meld ceramic coatings and metal components.

1. Detonation

If the manufacturer uses a detonation gun to apply the ceramic coating, it will fuse the ceramic coating to the metal using a combination of oxygen, gas, and high temperature. Essentially, this process causes an acetylene gas explosion, which melts ceramic coatings. It then launches the molten coating toward the metal target. When the coating hits and cools, you have an effective application. You might use this process for tungsten carbide or other metals that need a relatively dense coating.

2. Plasma

If you choose to plasma spray your metal component to coat it with ceramic, the manufacturer will combine ceramic powder and ionized gas using extremely high heat. After the powder melts, pressurized gas forces it to fuse with the metal component. This produces a strong, dense coating.

3. Oxygen-Acetylene

The manufacturer can bond a ceramic coating with your metal component using an oxygen-acetylene reaction in two ways. With oxyacetylene heat, the manufacturer can melt either ceramic powder or a solid rod before forcing the coating onto the metal component.

While these three processes to fuse ceramic coatings with metal components are the conventional types, technological advancements produce new processes all the time. If you want to have the best coating for your metal component, be sure to consult with a manufacturer who understands the latest techniques.

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