3 Expert-Approved Car Care Tips


You’re cruising down a winding road, with ear-busting rock and roll playing on your sound system. You feel pretty good about this morning. You had a good night’s sleep and the warm weather seems to be holding. It’s going to be a great day—up until your car breaks down on you.

If you haven’t been putting preventive maintenance steps to good use, then that could be why you’re having a spot of car trouble. Don’t wait until you’re stranded in the middle of a highway before you do something. Here are expert-approved tips to make sure your car is in top form:

Go to a trusted mechanic

Discount mechanics might seem like you’re saving on a few dollars now but you’re more likely to end up with worse engine problems later on. The hassle and financial stress isn’t going to be the best tradeoff so it’s better if you go to a reputable auto shop for engine repair in Coppell. Ask around for tips and referrals to help you find a trustworthy mechanic, says Consumer Reports.

Do your own inspections

Learn how to give your car the once-over on a regular basis. That’s going to help you catch anything that might seem out of kilter. Do this for your engine as well as your tires and look out for wear indicators. And when you do find any, don’t dismiss them. Get your car to pros as soon as possible.

Check the fluids

It’s best that you know how to check fluid levels and to tell if you’re running low on them or not. You could easily add brake fluid, coolant or motor oil if these are well below minimum levels. However, if you just topped up a few weeks ago, then that could be a sign that you’ve got a leak in your system. Have it checked and fixed by at an engine repair shop in Coppell to get your ride ready for the road.

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