3 Easy Ways To Evaluate Fastener Companies


Whether you are an agricultural equipment manufacturer, an Original Equipment Manufacturer focused on electronics or a fabrication or construction company, having reliable suppliers is critical to the success of your business.

Finding the best fastener companies doesn’t have to be a long process, it can all be completed online and on the phone, which makes it a short task that anyone can do by focusing on three simple steps.
Ideally, choose fastener companies that are located close to your workplace, business or work site. This will save on the delay time between ordering and delivery. When the company offers same day delivery as part of the service, choosing a local company will be important.

Review the Company Website

Take the time to look at the company website. Are they transparent in the services they offer or is it vague and rather ambiguous as to what they actually provide over and above fastener products?

Some of the top companies offer a range of services including custom machining of fasteners, kitting services for fastener packages and even custom supply parts for industries.

Make a Phone Call

While the website provides general information, always make a phone call to evaluate the level of customer support, professionalism, knowledge, and expertise you can expect from the supplier.

Ask questions that are typical of what you would need to know in your industry. Focus on questions where you are aware of the correct answer and determine if the employee at the other end is knowledgeable. A very good sign is if the employee refers the question on to someone with expertise in the industry, which shows a strong level of customer support as well as professionalism.

Place an Initial Order

Finally, place a smaller initial order with the top fastener companies from your research. Check the order to make sure it is correct, delivered on time and that the process is well-managed by the supplier from order to delivery.

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