3 Easy Places to Store Your Folding Umbrella


Getting caught in the rain without an umbrella can be an irritating at best and damaging at worst. It’s times like these when a folding umbrella can come in handy, but few keep an umbrella on hand at all times. Why not prepare for the rainiest of days by storing some umbrellas in the places you frequent most? There are three places that most people can find useful for leaving an umbrella, depending on their daily schedule, and these are the most common areas.

Create a Space Just Inside the Front Door

If you’re going to keep your keys and purse by the front door, it seems responsible to leave an umbrella there as well. It’s easy to spot in this convenient position and it shouldn’t get left behind in a frantic rush to leave the house. Creating a specific space next to your coats, backpacks, shoes, etc. can lead to a simple routine, a reflex of reaching to your side and grabbing it as you run out the door into the storm.

Find a Cubby At the Office

Keeping a folding umbrella at the office is key to staying dry after a long day. These umbrellas can be placed in the bottom drawer of a desk, next to the feet or in a storage locker, depending on the work location. Ensure that your ride home is a comfortable one by securing yourself and your belongings under the shelter of a trusted work umbrella.

Stash One in the Trunk of the Car

There’s no need for a thunderstorm to ruin an event when you have a convenient umbrella stored in your vehicle. Regardless of your destination, you can always feel prepared for those dark clouds opening up when an umbrella is nearby.

Owning more than one folding umbrella can be ideal for everyday life. Splurging on a few extra umbrellas should be worth the purchase when those daunting rainclouds want to ruin your good time. Visit Raintec Umbrella.

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