3 Drain Blockages Found in Your Bathroom


Most people dread hearing that they have a clogged drain. Depending on the type of drain and severity of the blockage, visions of inconvenience may start to form in your mind. You might even see family members arguing over who gets to use the other working bathroom, if there even is one. Start preparing for battle if there isn’t. There are several contenders when it comes to drain issues that Park Ridge plumbers encounter in the bathroom.

The Sink

When you have a blockage that prevents your bathroom sink from draining properly, it can make life difficult. You might not be able to even turn on the faucet if the water is about to overflow. This can prevent homeowners from being able to wash their faces and hands and brush their teeth in the bathroom.

The Bathtub Shower Combo

Being unable to drain your tub makes taking a shower or bath unpleasant. Who wants their feet to be coated with an inch of dirty water while they attempt to wash their body, or their body submerged completely in it? The answer is no one. This part of the bathroom is easily plugged up by hair and is essential to keep clear to keep clean.

The Toilet

Having a plumbing issue with your toilet can range from a slight inconvenience, if there are multiple toilets in the home, to a full-blown emergency if multiple residents share one. Watching water levels rising higher and higher after flushing can bring on a sense of impending doom for homeowners. One of the most inconvenient problems that Park Ridge plumbers address is a clogged toilet.

The Fix

A local plumber’s maintenance services can become your greatest resource when it comes to keeping your bathroom operating effectively. If you notice a blockage starting to form, it’s best to get a plumber involved before the drain is completely blocked. This will prevent you from experiencing the daily hassles that arise when you have an issue with your bathroom plumbing.

No one likes dealing with a clogged drain. Whether it’s in your sink, toilet, tub or shower, call a plumber right away to avoid further issues.

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