Why You Should Hire a Disability Benefits Lawyer


If you have suffered injuries in the line of work and the injuries led to some form of disability, the social services have a provision that assists you get compensation. What you need to do is file an application for disability benefits and attach evidence of your injury or disability. The application is reviewed, and benefits are either granted or rejected. To avoid having a rough time with the whole process, you should hire a competent disability benefits lawyer to assist you with the process. Here are some reasons:

They know why applications get declined

Lawyers that have worked in this line of work for a long time understand why some people get their applications accepted while others suffer from constant rejections. For instance, they will help you avoid the following pitfalls in the application process.

  • Giving inconsistent personal details.
  • Not giving enough evidence to support your disability claim.
  • Assuming that you will get benefits because the Doctor said that your condition was a disability.
  • Not listing your other sources of income other than the lost job.

These are all mistakes that the social services may mistake as an attempt at fraud. A lawyer will help you fill out the forms in a clear and consistent manner.

They will help you prove that your condition is a disability

There are only a handful of conditions that are listed as disabilities by the social services. In case you have suffered another condition that is not listed, you will need medical evidence that shows that the health effects of the condition are as incapacitating as those of the listed conditions. Lawyers will recommend to you doctors that will help you make this connection.


In case you made an application for the benefits but it was turned down, it is possible to make an appeal. A lawyer will evaluate the first application and figure out where you went wrong. They will then guide you in rectifying the mistake before you make an appeal. This will increase your chances at a more favorable result.

Nash Disability Law of Thomas Nash is one place you can go to for assistance in getting benefits.

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