Why You Need a Divorce Attorney In New Britain CT for Child Custody Battles

Why You Need a Divorce Attorney In New Britain CT for Child Custody Battles

When relationships come to an end, there may be many things that need to be split between the people who are separating. In cases of divorce, this can include any marital assets such as the home, vehicles, and the finances. It may also mean deciding who gets custody of the child or children, if the non-custodial parent gets child support, and whether the non-custodial parent gets visitation rights. For cases like these, it’s important to have a Divorce Attorney In New Britain CT to help.

Child Custody

In most cases there are usually two outcomes for a child custody battle. One parent can have full custody or both parents can split the custody. The parent or parents with custody over the child will be able to make decisions that effect the child’s welfare, such as how they will be educated, when to go to the doctor, medications to take, what activities they can do, and anything else that requires parental consent.

Child Support

In cases where one parent has full custody, the non-custodial parent may have to pay child support. This may be the case when one parent has less custody than the other. Child support is intended to help raise the child and pay for food, shelter, clothing and education. Usually, child support is paid until the child is a legal adult. In some cases, it may include a college education as well.

Child Visitation

If one parent does not have full custody or has only a small amount of custody, they may be able to get visitation rights. This allows them to have the child stay at their house for certain periods of time, from a few hours all the way up to an entire summer vacation. Sometimes, the visitations may have to be supervised, if the judge decides that it is not in the child’s interests for them to be with the parents alone.

Though child custody, support and visitation may not be the only aspects that are considered in a divorce case, they can be the most important ones. Most of the time, the couple is not able to decide this on their own. In this case, a Divorce Attorney In New Britain CT can help them prove to the judge that they need custody and child support. The judge will decide these things based on the interests of the child.

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