Why do People Need Teeth Whitening in Sharon Hill?

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Dental

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Teeth whitening is a very popular procedure, so it’s no wonder that those advertising Cosmetic Dentistry often mention this service first thing. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only option, or that everyone needs Teeth Whitening in Sharon Hill. Like anything else, it turns out that some people need it every so often, while others never seem to need it at all. What makes the difference?

The main determining factor in whether you’ll need teeth whitening and how often you’ll need it is what your teeth are exposed to on a regular basis. All dentists can tell you that certain foods and beverages will cause tooth decay, but not many will mention what they’ll to do the cosmetic value of healthy teeth. It turns out that even some beverages that are otherwise healthy or neutral can turn your teeth brown over the years. The chief offender in this category is coffee. It won’t rot your teeth, but it can make them look rather bad after a few decades of drinking it. If you’re a heavy coffee drinker, the stains will appear even faster.

Tea is generally considered healthy, but it, too, can turn your teeth brown. That’s because it has tannins just like coffee does, and these are responsible for depositing that color on your teeth just like they do on a teacup that isn’t washed after every use. Tea is usually brewed to a weaker strength than coffee, so it can take longer for the effect to show up. That’s why you will eventually need Teeth Whitening in Sharon Hill.
Smoking is well-known for causing yellowish stains on the teeth, and the same is true for other tobacco products like dip. Along with the well-known health risks associated with tobacco, smokers and dip-users can expect to need frequent teeth cleaning until they kick the habit.

Some people have been surprised to find that they have gotten stained teeth despite abstaining from coffee, tea, tobacco, and other big sources of coloration. The answer to their stained teeth usually sits in the refrigerator in the form of cola and other dark-colored sodas. The same food colorings that make these sodas dark also stick to and stain the teeth.

The prevalence of stain-causing foods, drinks, and other substances shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy these things. It does, however, mean that if you’re like most people, you’ll benefit from occasional Teeth Whitening in Sharon Hill. Visit for more information: http://aldanfamilydental.com/sharon-hill/

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