Why Choose an Exchange Email Hosting Solution?

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Computer & Internet

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The Age of Information offers advantages that make virtually every aspect of our daily lives increasingly user friendly.


Going far beyond the commonplace use of smart phones and mp3 players, the digital age has fully infiltrated the workplace, prompting the development of solutions that take full advantage of the cutting-edge technological tools at our disposal.


As the prevalence and popularity of e-books, digital music and cloud computing continues to grow, the need for reliable digital communication has become a matter of credibility and essential productivity for many businesses.


Exchange email hosting is desirable for businesses that seek to enjoy the full range of functions inherent to an exchange email solution without the headaches and challenges that go hand-in-hand with maintaining their own servers and IT infrastructure.


The Benefits of Exchange Email Hosting
Upon embarking on an investigation of whether exchange email hosting is an ideal solution for your company, it’s important to first realistically evaluate how much time you’d like your IT personnel to invest in system maintenance for a non-hosted solution.


Keep in mind that it isn’t unusual for a senior IT specialist to devote roughly 85 percent of his or her time on email maintenance for a company with 100 employees. If you are currently operating without a hosted system, you may be well aware of this fact — or may have even found that 85 percent is a conservative figure.


Typically, the adoption of an exchange email hosting solution means that non-technical staff can perform any necessary maintenance on the business side, thereby freeing employees to focus on other tasks.


On the financial end, you may also find — or have already found — that starting up and maintaining a non-hosted solution is a significant financial commitment in the way of the aforementioned IT resources, hardware and software. Moreover, the costs in time and potential loss of business can be sizeable when regular and emergency maintenance costs strike.


Exchange email hosting, on the other hand, offers implementation costs that are comparatively minimal, which negates the necessity of hardware purchases and additional IT personnel.


In terms of a number of basic features, exchange email hosting offers many features that non-hosted solutions lack.  Features offered by hosted systems include bandwidth and redundancy, in addition to professional administration, timely upgrades and regular maintenance.


As crashing servers and interruptions in email service can lead to diminished productivity, as well as a decrease in the quality of customer relationships, exchange email hosting is also a better bet for seamless customer service.


Built-in support is one of the many reasons that exchange email hosting is becoming increasingly popular.


While businesses continue to rely more on the advantages of helpful and productivity-enhancing workplace technologies, the new business they attract as a result of increased productivity leaves less time for solving IT challenges on their own.

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