Wholehouse Generator Installer

by | Aug 5, 2014 | Air Conditioning & Heating

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Buying a generator is a big investment for both residential and commercial purposes. It goes a long way in ensuring the continuity of operations even after failure in the main power supply system. Before getting a wholehouse generator installer to come and incorporate this asset into the home or business, the following should first be considered.

Point Of Installation

If the generator is to be installed in sensitive areas like the bedroom and living room, it is recommended to buy the quietest unit. The same applies to cases where there are neighbors in close proximity as it would act like a big nuisance to them also. The db rating which is labeled on every generator can be used to select the best unit in terms of noise reduction.

Purpose to Be Served By the Generator

The longer the list of things that are to be covered by the generator, the bigger the unit should be. Freezers, water tanks, septic system, communications, cooking, lights and receptacles are the key areas that will determine the size of the unit to be purchased. Buying a smaller unit might make it inefficient as it won’t have the power needed to run all the mentioned systems.

Who Does The Installation?

A successful purchase has to be accompanied by a professional installer that will get the system up and running in no time. As it simple as the process might appear, it requires the attention of a qualified installer that will squeeze everything into its place leaving no room for errors and miscalculations. Hiring the services of an insured and bonded expert is the safest way of ensuring that the unit functions perfectly well right from day one.

Link the Generator to the Emergency Back Up Panel

This should also to be topped up with a surge protection which needs to be installed on the electrical panel as well. This protects all the electronics just in case the rare happens. The wholehoue surge protection isn’t that expensive, but the protection can be relied upon to keep the appliances safe.

ETNA Prestige Technologies are expert installers of wholehouse generators that provide reliable and stable power for both homes and businesses. Their wholehouse generator installer has acquired long experience and the services are warranted and success guaranteed.


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