What You Can Expect From Hiring an Accident Attorney in Kalamazoo MI

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Lawyers

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Auto accidents occur every second of the day. Studies have shown most people will be involved in an auto accident at least once in their life. If you are injured in an accident that was not your fault, you hold rights that allow you to pursue the other driver for your damages. Since the laws can be so confusing, many people find it helpful to hire an Accident Attorney in Kalamazoo MI. Through the help of an attorney, you can focus on the healing and recovery process, while your attorney focuses on your case.

As soon as you are under a doctor’s care, it is crucial you seek help from an Accident Attorney in Kalamazoo MI. The attorney will need to go over all of the details of your case before beginning the investigation process. You can help your attorney, by providing as much information as possible.

Most accident attorneys work with an investigative team, to help them with gathering evidence. The investigation will involve gathering video surveillance and photos. Eyewitnesses will also be interviewed, to see if they can offer helpful evidence in your case.

Before your court date is scheduled, you and your attorney will meet with the other party in the case and go over all of the discovered evidence. This is required by law, so the other party will be informed. During this meeting, your case may be settled, depending on how well both sides can work together towards an agreement on all of the issues. If any issues are not agreed upon, the case will head to court and will be decided on by a judge and jury.

When hiring an accident attorney, you will not be required to pay any attorney fees unless you win your case. This makes it easier for people to be able to get the legal help they need, when their finances are strained.

If you are going through a serious injury, because of an auto accident you did not cause, there is help available.

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