What to Wear to Your Next Triathlon

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Health & Medical

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Training for a triathlon could possibly be the most challenging phase of preparation for the event. There are many different methods of training and they depend on the current build, physical condition and motivation level of the athlete. Many women who train for the event, find it convenient to wear triathlon specific clothing when training in order to give their body the same range of motion it will have during the event. Just as participants come in various shapes and sizes, so do the clothes designed for training and participation in triathlons. Keep in mind, there is no triathlon clothing guideline but for most people, comfort and ease of motion are priority.


Fashion Forward


There are many women who have only dreamed of participating in a triathlon. The courage and strength to do so can immediately motivate them to give it their all and look their best while doing so. There are many options of women triathlon clothing available and most of it is extremely fashion forward. Once your body has been trained and conditioned for the event, there is a brand new shape and body form and most women can’t wait to see how they’ll look in their triathlon suit. Many women choose this type of attire because it’s a simple one-piece, fully functional suit that can be worn throughout the entire race. There are other women clothing options available for triathlons, such as combos that aren’t as specific but work well for the occasion. For some the primary concern is comfort and for others, fashion is a close second.


The Perfect Fit


Finding the perfect triathlon gear can prove challenging as well but there are ways to keep it simple yet effective. Select clothing that was designed with a triathlon in mind. Gear or clothing that is dedicated to the event, is the best option for many because the design of the item or items greatly considered what the female athlete needs in terms of comfort and competition. Some of the women triathlon clothing provides benefits such as, comfort and possibly the ability to race at a faster speed. The gear is best in water and helps to quickly dry the sweat from the triathlon. Triathlon clothing is extremely comfort and the simple but beneficial design allows air to flow through the clothing. Women definitely get the true value out of the specialized wear because triathlon suits can easily double as workout gear following the event.



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