What to Expect at Your Visit to a Holistic Vet Clinic

What to Expect at Your Visit to a Holistic Vet Clinic

Holistic medicine is sweeping America. Many people are finding that approaches to health that make them feel better also work wonders for their pets. As a result, many people are choosing to take their animals to holistic veterinary medicine practitioners. If you are considering taking your animal buddy to a holistic vet clinic, you may be curious about how the process will be different to the conventional veterinarians you normally bring your pet to see. In this article, we will go over what to expect when visiting a holistic vet clinic.


Intake is, in many ways, done similarly at a holistic clinic. They take all of your pet’s vital signs and check for growth and weight loss or gain. Your pet will also be assessed for their teeth, ears, and eyes. The holistic vet may have a veterinary assistant or veterinary technician take a blood or saliva sample. If your pet buddy is feeling unwell, the vet may ask you bring a stool or urine sample prior to arriving.


Although the actual act of intake is similar to a conventional pet clinic, you’ll probably notice a difference as soon as you and your pet walk in the front door. Instead of austere steel tables, they examine your pet from pet beds or even the floor. This helps put your pet at ease and a much less stressful experience for them. Holistic vets do this because your pet’s emotional state is very central to their well being. As a result, it shouldn’t be surprising that you will be asked about how your pet is feeling.

Doctor’s Orders

But what about treatment, you’re wondering? After all, it is one of the main reasons that people seek out holistic vets in the first place. Treatment depends on the health of your pet. If they are healthy, treatment will focus on keeping them that way. If they are ill, treatment will focus on unraveling the causes that led them to become ill. Either way, nutrition, exercise, and holistic remedies will play important roles. Keep in mind that holistic remedies can require more effort than conventional treatment. Don’t worry. Your vet will explain everything you need to do.

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