What Personal Injury Attorneys in Bremerton WA Can Do For You

by | Jul 5, 2014 | Lawyers

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Personal injury attorneys are lawyers that legally represent individuals who have been injured, psychologically or physically by other parties’ careless acts. Other parties could be other individuals, agencies, government or companies.


There are two types of personal injury attorneys, solo practitioners and those employed by law firms. Solo practitioners bear a number of benefits including lower fees, more time dedication to their clients and they also work with their clients on a one on one relationship. They also have a higher tendency of taking smaller cases as compared to lawyers working for law firms. Lawyers working for firms on the other hand may be more knowledgeable and more experienced than solo practitioners due to the fact that they undergo a strict vetting procedure before they are accepted.


Payments made to personal injury attorneys vary due to a number of factors such as the end result of a case, time dedicated to the case and experience of the attorney. Most attorneys though offer consultation for free. Personal injury attorneys offer different payment methods which include hourly rates, contingency and flat fees.
A contingency fee is paid to a lawyer as a percentage of the amount recovered. The lawyer and the client must agree on this percentage before the beginning of the case. A flat fee is a set amount in which the client has no choice but to pay, while hourly rate mode of payment sees the attorney obtain payment on every hour he spends on the case. Again the client must agree on the hourly rate before commencement of the case.


Also known as plaintiff lawyers, personal injury attorneys in Bremerton WA assists plaintiffs in claiming compensation of their losses which includes emotional suffering, medical expenses, loss of earning opportunity (because of his inability to work), attorney fees and other associated legal costs. These lawyers are more experienced in tort law, a field of law that covers civil wrongs and damages (economical and no-economical) to a person’s reputation, property, or rights.


If a settlement is not reached, it is the responsibility of plaintiff lawyers to push for trials until their clients’ issues are settled. It is also the responsibility of the attorneys to remain loyal to their clients and maintain the clients’ privacy during and after the case. For more on personal injury attorneys, get additional info here Lnihelp.com.

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