What Is Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore?

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Automobiles

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You’ve put a lot of money into buying your vehicle, and you want to keep it looking its best. However, life happens, and your car or truck just got dinged. You don’t need to worry about investing in a pricey new paint job to take care of the ding. Instead, consider Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore.

Paintless dent removal is a method of removing small dings and dents from the body of vehicles when the paint has not been damaged. Most auto body repair places offer the service as well as full service automotive detailing businesses. The dent, ding, or crease is popped out using suction or by pushing on the area from the underside. Any high spots are then evened out by tapping the area until the surface is uniform and smooth. This technique works well for steel and aluminum panels, as well as some types of plastics, such as in the bumper.

Your vehicle is a good candidate for paintless dent removal if the paint is flexible enough and currently undamaged. Also the severity of the dent will be a determining factor. Dents that are very deep or creases that are very sharp may not be able to be repaired using this technique because the metal has been stretched too far and will not take the fix. Shallow dents are best repaired this way, even if they are particularly large.

There are several benefits to having your dings repaired using paintless dent removal, besides maintaining the overall appearance of your vehicle. It can prevent additional damages to the body and paint by reducing the stress on the metal and the risks of the paint splitting and allowing moisture to rust the metals. It’s a much cheaper alternative to panel replacement, dent fillers, and a new paint job. In fact, there is affordable paintless dent removal at Diamond Detail Inc of Baltimore. They offer a wide range of detailing services in standard or customizable packages, including paintless dent removal.

To learn more about how Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore can help get your vehicle looking like new, contact the expert staff at Diamond Detail, Inc. They will get your car or truck looking its best in no time.

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