What Happens if You Don’t Follow the Terms for Bail Bonds In Lawerenceville?


If you’ve been arrested, you may have had someone help you get released from jail by getting you a bail bond. However, if you’ve never gotten a bail bond before, you may not be aware of all that can happen if you miss your hearings. It’s important to go to your hearings when you have one of the Bail Bonds In Lawerenceville. If you don’t, the following things can occur:

Percentage of Bail Paid

For most bonds, the person who gets the bond for you will pay a percentage of the full bail amount paid, usually around 10%. If you miss a hearing or otherwise fail to follow one of the terms of the bond, the person who helped you will be responsible for paying the remainder of the bond to the bondsman.

Collateral Given

If even a percentage was too high for them to pay, they may have covered the full bail amount by giving the bondsman something as collateral. Usually, collateral is the title to a car, home, boat or other valuable item. In cases where you fail to follow the terms of the bond, they will usually forfeit their collateral. This means that if, for instance, they used the title to their home, the bonding company would take their home to cover the bond amount.

Bench Warrant

On top of the monetary concerns if you miss a hearing, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest. This means that if you are stopped by the police for any reason you will be arrested. You will have to spend the remaining amount of time until your hearings are complete in jail and will not be eligible for another bond.

If you’ve received one of the Bail Bonds In Lawerenceville, you will want to be careful about making sure you attend all of your hearings and follow all of the terms of your bond. If you receive a bond from , you can contact them with any questions you may have. They may also be able to offer suggestions on what you can do if you’re afraid you will have to miss a hearing, such as to have your lawyer attend in your place.

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