Ways to Save Money When Buying from a Heating Oil Supplier in Gloucester


During winter oil company prices spike, because this is when people around the United Kingdom rely on their heating to stay warm. If you don’t want to pay extortionate prices when buying from a heating oil supplier in Gloucester, it’s best to plan in advance. Researching the company background and haggling can take time, so give yourself at least three weeks to find the lowest price. Money can also be saved if you put the following tactics to the test.

Use Comparison Websites

Bookmark the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s website on your computer, because featured on this website is a quarterly report of wholesale prices. By viewing this, you can figure out what the average prices are and use this as a guide when speaking with a heating oil supplier in Gloucester about your needs. The supplier, the time and the amount will affect the price, but you should also take into consideration the feedback a supplier has. When you have used the Internet to find local FPS-accredited suppliers, ask if they are able to beat any of your quotes. If they can great, but if not, move on to the next step.

Explore Bulk Buying Options

A great idea for big companies, bulk buying is a true money-saving option. With wholesale, you can get huge discounts, especially if the order is a big one! It’s not just organizations that can go down this route though, because homeowners can get the best deal from a heating oil supplier in Gloucester by asking friends or family if they want to form a group. Alternatively, find heating oil clubs that have been founded by companies or individuals and get involved.

Buying Considerations

There will be a few things to think about when purchasing oil, such as whether or not you live near other members of the oil-buying group. Deliveries will cost, therefore if group members are situated in a different location, you might have to fork out more money for transportation. Bear in mind that delivery prices are higher for last-minute orders, which is why preparation is vital. Figure out what the demands of your household or business are, as some suppliers will have a minimum delivery amount that must be met for an order to be completed.

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