Ways a Plumber in Memphis can Help with Water Heater Issues

by | Jun 21, 2014 | Plumbing

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Having a water heater that functions correctly is essential in most homes. Without heated water being produced many tasks, most family members do on a regular basis will become more difficult and unpleasant. When the water heater in a home stops working, it is important for a homeowner to contact a plumber in Memphis immediately. This way a plumber can get the unit repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

Often when a homeowner is having issues with their water heater it is generally because the unit has stopped producing heated water. This is a common issue and it can be caused by a number of different issues with the unit. One of the most common problems is a problem with the lines feeding water, gas or electricity to the unit. Sometimes the lines have been shut off or the connections have been disabled. Frequently fixing these lines will allow the unit to resume producing heated water.

Another common issue is problems with the components, which actually heat the water. On an electrical unit, this is the thermostat and heating elements. For a gas unit it is the pilot, pilot control valve and the thermocouples. Many times these components are faulty and a plumber in Memphis will need to replace them so the water heater can function again.

If the unit is still not producing hot water, it may be due to sediment lining the inside of the water heater tank. A plumber from Drain Go Plumbing can check this by attaching a hose to the drain relief valve and then allowing water to drain into a bucket. The plumber can then examine the water to look for traces of sediment. If too much is found, the tank may need to be flushed.

Flushing a water heater involves turning off the water, attaching a hose to the drain relief valve and then allowing the water to drain out. When the tank is empty, the water will be switched back on and the water will continue to be flushed out of the tank until it runs clear. Once this is done, the water heater should be free of sediment. This will be beneficial, as it will allow the transfer of heat from the tank to the water once again. This is important in the heating of water for use in the home.

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