Water Damage Restoration in Queens


Water damage restoration in Queens has rapidly grown and evolved. One-man restoration businesses are no longer a viable solution because of greater understanding of the severe health effects caused by bacteria, mildew and mold growth. Better technology has now made it easier to tackle water restoration jobs of any size.

Precedence Number One -; Drying-out the Room(s)

The most important and fundamental step for you as the homeowner faced with water or flood damage is drying the room out. Setting up several house fans in the flooded room or structure is not an efficient tactic in the end. While it will do a good enough job on the surface, water damage to furniture, carpet, wood, walls, along with inadequate drying, will eventually lead to grave consequences. Some of these consequences include:

1. Mildew and mold growth
2. Harmful bacteria will flourish
3. Damage to the structural integrity of your home

To combat the dangerous possibilities, call in a licensed restoration expert to handle the job. The professionals are schooled in the best methods of restoration after water damage. The experts also have in their possession state-of-the-art technologies to help in drying out your rooms and stop the accumulation of harmful bacteria and fungi.

What Should You Expect?

From the get-go, anticipate a full assault on all affected areas. Experts will set-up:

1. Special floor cleaners and driers
2. Fans
3. Blowers
4. Air purifiers
5. Dehumidifiers

The equipment is used to dry out the water damage efficiently.

In the event the damage is extensive, the experts will also employ mildew and mold techniques along with sanitizers and wall driers. Sophisticated equipment is brought into play to ensure that a bad situation does not escalate to worse over time. Water damage restoration costs a fraction of what the damage would have been.

The Full Picture

Depending on how much water caused the damage as well as the duration that passed before you called in the restoration team, the steps that have to be taken could be greater. Insulation, ceilings, ductwork and crawl spaces might also need to be looked into, and if much damage was done to your home’s structure, carpet or drywall, you should consider a home renovation project.

To tackle this homeowner nightmare, call in a water damage restoration in Queens experts immediately. Maspeth Environmental Corp Professionals will help you fast track renovation of your home to its original condition.


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