Utilizing Bookbinding Chicago Professionals


These are experts who have been in the business of bookbinding for many years. They know how to accomplish each job, and they find the fastest and most effective ways to do it. They know their clients depend on them for suggestions to prepare their creative works for publishing and also to save them time and money in the process.

My Employees’ Manual is Completed and Ready to Be Bound
Wonderful, bring it in to one of Chicago’s finest. They treat each work of art (which it is!) as if it were their own creation. They understand all the time and effort that went into its full existence, and they want to be a part of its success. You have finished the content, they will fasten it all together and enclose it in a safe and attractive package. They have the experience to help you find just the right combination of color, lettering, and binding that will appeal to those who will be using and enjoying your content.

I Have Created My Finest Recipes and Would Like to Sell Them to the World
That is exactly what the bookbinding Chicago folks want to hear. They love new projects that they can share with the world and will showcase your current planned undertaking to bring it forward in the best possible light. By using colors that appeal to the senses and easy to use format, you will have a winning recipe collection to share with the rest of the country. Using the most current technology, they will have your books bound and ready for shipment in a timely manner.

Our Company Would Like to Create Calendars for Our Employees as Gifts
That is one of the specialties of the bookbinders. Colorful calendars can be put together by a process called tinning. A metal strip along the edges of the sheets is clamped to the top of the page to hold the sheets together. It becomes a work of art and a treasure that will be used all year long. The edges fit neatly against the wall, and the employees will see it daily as a reminder of the company they work for.

So you want to create your own work of art that expresses your company’s uniqueness. For guidance with your project, be sure to visit www.bindingedge.com. These are the experts who will get the job done for you.

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