Using DWI Defense Lawyers in Vermont to Fight an Inaccurate Charge

Using DWI Defense Lawyers in Vermont to Fight an Inaccurate Charge

If someone is pulled over and gets arrested for driving while intoxicated, it is likely they will want to do whatever possible to fight the charges. Fighting a DUI charge can be a bit tricky. However, with the right DWI defense lawyers in Vermont to help with representation, charges may be dropped or reduced. Here are some tips to use to help fight a charge of this nature.

Speak with an Attorney Right Away

It is extremely important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. That way, all information can be conveyed to the lawyer while the details of the arrest are still fresh in the mind of the defendant. An attorney will use this information to help build a solid defense plan. They will also give recommendations to the defendant in how to answer questions when it becomes time to sit down in a court of law with a judge or jury members.

Find Out About the Equipment Used

An attorney will ask about any equipment the arresting police officer used at the time of the arrest. If there is any question about the results of tests after consenting to the use of alcohol testing equipment, the attorney will take the necessary steps in finding out if the tools used were calibrated correctly before the arrest happened. If physical tests were conducted to see if the defendant had difficulty in answering questions or moving around without staggering, there may be inadequacies in the evaluations given by the police officer at that time. The attorney will look into all possible avenues for proving the tests were not performed correctly.

Keep Away from Places Where Alcohol Is Present

It is extremely important that the defendant remain in locations where alcohol is not on the premises when awaiting their court date. Taking an alcohol safety course or enrolling in rehabilitation classes will also be favorable gestures to show the defendant is concerned about the incident. These actions will be assessed in court.

When there is a need to hire one of the DWI defense lawyers in Vermont, finding one known for their proven track record with similar cases is best. Visit Sawyerlegal.com to find out more.

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