Unique Baby Gifts For Kids To Give


While often the entire family gives a big gift for a baby shower or on the day that the baby arrives home from the hospital, it can be a really neat ideal to let your children pick out unique baby gifts to give as well. Children will be guaranteed to have a different perspective on what a good gift for the new addition the family will be, ensuring that the parents and the new arrival will have something original to open.

So what are the types of gifts that children will enjoy giving? You may be surprised to find that these unique baby gifts are not that expensive and they are sure to provide hours of fun, entertainment and enjoyment for the whole family.

Plush Toys

One of the wonderful things about letting kids pick out unique baby gifts is that they often choose something that they remember playing with and enjoying as a toddler or a younger child.

Plush toys are always popular with kids of all ages. While they may not be appropriate for baby’s to play with they are a great decoration for the nursery or play room until the baby gets older. To make these really unique baby gifts consider personalizing the plush toy with the baby’s name. This personalization can be on a piece of clothing worn by the plush toy, a hat or even a little sign that the plush toy can support.

Growth Charts

Other types of unique baby gifts are those that can be used both to decorate the baby’s room as well as to monitor the milestones in their life. A growth chart in a design that your child enjoys is a terrific option. There are those that are themed for girls and those that are themed for boys, plus many, many themes that are designed for both= girls and boys.

If your child had or has a growth chart in his or her room, he or she is likely to use this on a list of unique baby gifts to give to someone else in the family. This can be a great way to recognize the relationship between the kids as they can both keep measuring their growth on the charts for months and years to come.

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