Two Warning Signs You Need Memory Care in North Milwaukee, WI


Whether you are a person suffering from memory troubles or if it is a loved one, memory care is the type of service designed to make life as free of stress and confusion for a person suffering such a condition. Seniors are particularly likely to have degenerative conditions such as dementia, such as the more famous type of dementia called Alzheimer’s, but it may be difficult to tell right away whether this is true of your own loved one. Watching for the signs will make it much easier to find the help and facilities needed to ease the trouble of such a condition over time and to keep up the quality of life for this senior.

Short-Term Loss

It is perfectly common for a person to set their remote down on the kitchen table and then forget it a moment later, but it is not normal for this type of lapse in memory to happen with extreme frequency. Memory care in North Milwaukee, WI may be necessary if you notice a loved one is constantly frustrated because they cannot seem to keep any of their short-term memory around long enough to convert important details into long-term memory. This may result in confusion, anger, and even violence if the issue is severe enough, and a company such as Oasis Senior Advisors North Milwaukee will help you to find the best available facility that offers memory care services.

Lost Names

Imagine the last time your loved one looked you in the eye and didn’t get your name right on the very first try, especially if they should know who you are without any trouble. Memory care is necessary once this type of problem is severe enough that some family members, most commonly the youngest family members, are forgotten altogether. This type of progressive problem may take years to fully come to fruition, and you should take note as problems get worse. You can also follow them on Google+.

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